Ntsa New Driving License Deadline

Ntsa New Driving License Deadline. Are you planning to get a smart driving License?Well you are not Late. Although NTSA has set July 1, 2020, as the deadline to apply for and get the new Digital Driving License in Kenya the period has been extended and now is going on.

Ntsa New Driving License Deadline.

How can I get a Smart Driving License? You can use your Tims Account or Read the Procedure HERE

You will need your old DL or Your Interim DL and Ksh 3050,To be able to Apply for smart DL in Kenya. You will have to surrender the old DL.

How long does it take to get a driving license in Kenya (Digital Driving License in Kenya)?

I will soon teach you how to apply for a digital driving license in Kenya but before then, it’s good to know that it doesn’t take that long.

In fact, it takes just 5 days counting from the date you make the payment.

Of course, we are Kenyans and we suffer from what I like to call ‘Last Minute Syndrome’ and NTSA sometimes faces massive backlogs leading to delays in the issuance.

But overall, you can begin visiting the NTSA driving license checker after 5 days to confirm if your license is ready. This solves your Question of Ntsa New Driving License Deadline?

When was the new license card introduced in Kenya?

The NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) announced the introduction of the new driving license in April 2018.

They have since been issuing the smart driving license to Kenyans via the TIMS portal.

READ ALSOWhere to Collect Logbook in Nairobi -NTSA and KRA Sevices

If You don’t have a Tims account we can apply one for You .Alll you need is to fill a Form HERE

Tims Account Opening -Register Tims Account Today

But what is TIMS?

TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System) is nothing else but an online portal run by NTSA to help private citizens, as well as organizations access, various NTSA services including driving license applications conveniently.

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