Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline. The National Government of Kenya Launched the New generation of Number plates to replace the Old model Number Plates which have been in existence since independence. The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) announced that the rollout of the new digital number plates commenced on October 1, 2022. The New Number plates look way more “prettier” than the previous ones. This came after some people started manufacturing their own Number plates which did not go well with the Government. Did the Government give a deadline for Ntsa New Number plates Application? No, you can apply for the Digital Number plates in the New Ntsa Timsvirl and present your Application to the Nearest Ntsa Office.

Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline

18 months. The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) announced that the rollout of the new digital number plates commenced on October 1, 2022, However, they “Let us obey and get it done within that 18 months from commencement of Application for New Ntsa Digital Number Plates”.Said NTSA Director in an Interview with the Media. Let’s understand what are these new number plates. The new number plates have enforced security features such as a hologram, watermark, unique and different serial numbers for rear and front plates, and a specially-imprinted national flag. This will increase the security features of the Number Plate and in case of a theft, the motorist can be able to follow up on his/her car easily.

Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline
A display of the new generation number plates after they had been commissioned in Nairobi on August 30, 2022 (Photo courtesy of Kenyans.co.ke)

How to beat the Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline

To beat the rush to replace the New generation of Number plates and beat the Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline you will need to open a Tims Virl account and make an application for the New Digital plates. The below process is how to apply for the New Ntsa Digital Number plates. The process requires you to have Ksh 3000 in your Mpesa to be able to Apply for the New Digital Number Plates.

Steps to apply for new generation number plates Visit the NTSA website

Step 1: Select vehicle registration, and apply for a reflective plate.

Step 2: Select the vehicle and click on NEXT.

Step 3: Select reason; i.e. New Generation Plate.

Step 4: Select a notification method, e.g. SMS, email, or phone call.

Step 5: Select the number plate and format (Square or oblong)

Step 6: Upload in PDF format the original logbook and plates (front and rear)

Step 7: Select the collection center and enter the ID number of the person to collect it.

Step 8: Make payments of KSh 3,050. Step 9: Wait for collection notification.

After here please visit a nearby NTSA Office  

Steps to apply for new generation number plates Visit the NTSA website
Image Courtesy of Ntsa Kenya Twitter Page

The Process for Applying the New number plates is seamless, this way you will have beat the Ntsa New Number Plate Deadline! you will be able to drive on Kenyan roads without any worry. The laid law is that You cannot drive any motorized vehicle on a Kenyan road if it has not been fitted with number plates. This is the LAw! If you have recently lost or damaged your plates, there is no need to panic because they can be replaced. All you need to do is follow the laid down procedure on how to apply for a new number plate in Kenya, and you are good to go.

How to apply for a Lost or Damaged Number Plate in Kenya. 

Visit a police station near you to report the loss or damage. This is a Must! The police officer will issue an abstract. Visit the nearest DCI offices with the original logbook and police abstract to obtain a tape lifting report verifying the vehicle engine and chassis number. An affidavit from the commissioner of oaths is also required for a lost or damaged number plate. All these documents should be scanned and saved on the computer.

Step 1: Log into your NTSA TIMS account.

 Step 2: Click on the Vehicle Registration tab and choose Apply for Reflective Number plate from the list of options available.

Step 3: Select the car whose number plate is lost or defaced from the list of vehicles that appears and click on apply. Select either lost or defaced. Step 4: Choose the type of plate you are applying for, either square or oblong.

Step 5: Fill in all the required details and provide the ID number of the person who will collect the plates.

Step 6: Upload the required documents and choose the station where you wish to pick the plates from. Pay the required fee to complete the application process.

Step 7: Wait for an Sms from the NTSA to collect your Number Plates.

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