How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate. The Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA), c, is a governmental agency charged with assessing, collecting, and accounting for the country’s revenue resources. The agency uses an online Portal that assists Kenyans to access KRA online and learn  services like  How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate.

One thing you need to do to get a Reprint of a KRA Certificate is to log in to the ITAX portal through this web address will demonstrate the 7 steps you need to make in order to be able to get your KRA CErtificate and be able to do your Business in case you misplaced it or you don’t know where the KRA Certificate is . Follow the process below .NB: You must have a KRA PIN to be able to retrieve or print a KRA PIN Certificate .If you don’t have one please apply one HERE

How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate

1.Log in to To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate

2. Next,  key in your KRA PIN details in the User ID/PIN section. If you have forgotten the information, you can easily request us to Retrieve the Kra PIN for you HERE. We will send the information you need straight to your email address.

3. Enter your password, The next step is entering your iTax portal password, This password can be found in your Email after Kra Pin registration, In your Email(That is registered on your Pin , Just type “Kra PIN ” and you will get your Login Details.Next, you will be prompted to show that you are human by solving a simple arithmetic question, also known as the security stamp. Do not worry if you do not remember the password. The platform allows you to reset it

How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate

4. How to Navigating the Itax portal dashboard.

After you the correct KRA PIN and password and issuing a correct answer to the security stamp as indicated in the previous step, you will successfully log in. The first page you will land on is the KRA portal dashboard. After Landing on The main page you will see displayed the  four sections as follows

How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate process 

Go to the Registration above. And as shown below

5. Click on Registration This is the second tab to your left, right after the Home tab. When you move your mouse on the section, a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the  Reprint PIN Certificate as shown in the image below.

How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate

6. Choose Your applicant type , you will chooseif you are an agent or taxpayer in the  application type. Since you are completing the KRA PIN certificate download by yourself, you should choose the “Taxpayer” option. Once done, hit Submit this will be the ultimate show you How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate as shown below.

How To Get A Copy Of KRA PIN Certificate

7. How to download the certificate now. This is the last and the most important step on the o portal functionalities. After clicking SUBMIT .You KRA Certiciate will be downloaded .Click on Download Certificate to To download it, or as indicate “Click Here to Download PIN Certificate.” the document comes in PDF form, Also the document will be sent to your Email.

Well Folks that’s how you do it Hope you enjoyed reading this.