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How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group. Do you have a group you have registered?Are you looking to know how to get a Kra pin for a self-help group? then you have come to the right place. We will guide you on how to do that without even leaving your home or office.

How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group procedure

How to create a Kra pin for a self-help group is a simple procedure that requires you to have the following documents.

1.ID copies of the Chairman of the group

2.ID copies of the Secretary  of the group

3.ID copies of the Treasurer of the group

These documents will need to be provided in order to have your group be registered by KRA and get a valid certificate. The first step is to make sure you have all these documents

How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group.

1.First you will need to log in to the KRA website

As shown in the photo below,you will go to ” NEW KRA PIN REGISTRATION”

How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group

2.Go to “Taxpayer type’ and select “Non individual” because now this is a group and you don’t need to apply as an individual anymore as shown in the figure below.

3.Select “online form” because KRA abolished the manual system of How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group. It now offers a simple online way of offering this service as shown in the figure below.

4.Next  you will see a tab with “Basic information” ” Obligation details” “Branch details” “Obligation details” and “agent details” as shown in the figure below ;

  • “Basic information – This is will ask you the following information -Do you want to register for Digital Services Tax?. Business Registration Certificate Number /Single Business Permit Number, Business Name, Business Registration Date.You will also be asked the Business Commencement Date, Accounting Period End Month, Trading /Business Name-If different than registered name  .You will also provide EPZ Effective Date, be asked if does your business have any branches ?  and Do you wish to declare Legal Representative?If you have one they will be asked to provide the Legal Representative PIN.
  • Obligation details: This is the kind of Tax you want to start paying, be it Income Tax Company    Registration Date, Income Tax Partnership, Income Tax PAYE(for Employer only) or Digital Services Tax
  • Branch details: This tab will have the nature of Association, PIN Profit/Loss Sharing Ratio,First Name Middle NameLast NameDate of Birth, and Sex of each of the officials in the group.
  • Agent Details: This one you will pass unless you are using an agent.

5.After filling all those steps on How To Apply Kra Pin For Self Help Group you will be able to get your kra Pin in no time if everything goes well , However, this can be tricky especially for people who don’t know how to fill all that info and you don’t have an Agent.


Can I get help in getting a Group KRA PIN?

Yes, we at can help you get Group KRA Pin in no time and within a short time. We will get through the process of doing it and send you the original kra pin in your email. We will also make sure we give you the correct obligations that you require and also make sure you have the knowledge on how to file your returns correctly.

If you need us to help you in KRA PIN For Group fill the Form below.

Who is eligible for Group KRA PIN?

Al self-help groups, Chamas, and CBOs any group who are legally registered in Kenya are eligible for group pin. You will be able to do business and transact in Kenya and all over the world today.

Well that’s it .How to get a Group kra Pin