Ecitizen Good Conduct Application Online (Police Clearance Certficate) registration in  Kenya? A certificate of good conduct means that the particular Kenyan holder has been searched in the criminal records of Kenya, and no criminal record has been traced. The validity of a certificate of good conduct is based on the information provided as from the date of issuance of the certificate

You need a Police Clearance Certficate to apply for Various Services E.g the  Psv Badge Application  

You may need to get a Police Good Conduct Certificate if you are applying for a job to show that you have no criminal Records.

We at Onlinecybercafe  Can help you to Make an Aplication of Good Conduct.We will ask you to Fill a Form but you must have a E-citizen Account.If you dont have one Please create one HERE

You are required to have an Extra Ksh 1050 so that you can pay for your Good conduct Application  through the E-citizen Portal through their business Number 206206.This is the Government Fee for the processing of Good conduct Certificate and NOT our fees.

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