Latest Vehicle Registration Number In Kenya. To get a New Plate number in Kenya, you need to start have imported a vehicle from Japan. You will need to clear the vehicle at your Port of Entry and now have KRA to Calculate the Import duty for you. After this, you can now be able to register your vehicle and get Latest Vehicle Registration Number In Kenya. For this, you will need to have a Tims Account . If you don’t have a Tims Account Please register one HERE

What is the Latest Vehicle Registration Number In Kenya?

The current prefix is KD followed by a Registration Number that identifies each Motor Vehicle in Kenya. Between each prefix, let’s say for example KCA 001A  and KCA 999Z there are 26,000 Vehicles, This goes in line with 26 Alphabets between A-Z. This is the format that Kenya uses although it varies in different parts of the world. The Registration Process of a Plate Number in Kenya takes like 10 days but can depend on the NTSA people on how they handle each registration process.

How does a Kenyan Registration Number look Like? 

The Kenyan Registration Plate number has two colors, the current color of the Latest Vehicle Registration Number In Kenya is White [For the Front Plate and Yellow] for the Rear Plate number. The color of the Numbers themselves is black. See Image Below for Front Plate Number 

Latest Vehicle Registration Number In Kenya
[Photo by Capital News]
The rear Plate Number is yellow in color as shown in the Photo below:

History of the Kenyan Number Plates in Kenya

  • The Current Kenyan Number plate is in its third generation. The first generation was produced way before Kenya got its independence in 1938. The Plate numbers were Mettalic and embossed Numbers. They were silver in color.
  • The current second-generation number plate system was adopted in 1989 and started at KAA001A which went to the final KAZ999Z number in the early 2000s. The second series started at KBA  going forward which will end at KZZ if the System will have not changed.

Above :[First, second-generation Number plates]
Who manufactures the Kenyan Number plates? 

Current number plates are said to be manufactured at the Kenya Prison Industries who lack the advanced technology required to produce modern number plates.

Frequently asked Questions 

  1. How can I search for a Number Plate of the Motor Vehicle I want to Purchase? 

Answer: Here at Onlinecybercafe. co. ke We can help you get the Number plate or Logbook search by Placing an order on our website and paying a fee. You will be required to pay a fee and submit the details of your vehicle plate number. We will process your results and then send them in your SMS or Email. Fill the Form HERE

 2.How can I move a Vehicle which has not yet been registered from one place to another? 

Kenyan 3law provides for the provision of KG [Kenya Garage] Number plates which are leased to individuals for the purpose of moving vehicles that are either waiting for the official registration of the plate or need to move from one town to another . The KG plate number looks like the Photo Below.

KG Number Plates In Kenya

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3.How can I replace a lost Kenyan Number Plate? 

Well if you lose a Kenyan Number Plate, you can replace it and get a New one from NTSA. However, you must report the loss to the nearest Police Station. This will avoid the Plate number being used by criminals to commit crimes or any other malicious things. You will get an Abstract form that will help you to apply for a new reflective plate number. Log in to your Tims account, Go to Apply reflective plate number and apply.