How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya. Transferring vehicle ownership online in Kenya just got a simple and easy process. Whether you are selling it or giving it away as a donation or gift, all you need is to link your account with the NTSA portal and request and accept an ownership transfer.

Step 1: Visit the NTSA portal

Visit the NTSA portal at and log in. If you don’t have
an account on the NTSA Portal yet, click the register account button on the homepage
and follow the instructions to create an individual account. This applies to both the seller
and the buyer.
Once registered, you need to click the subscribe SMS for a security code and other
vehicle transfer process notifications.

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya:

Step 2: Log into your account.

A login interface will display after registration. Login and provide details of both
individuals involved, including their user names and ID numbers or certificate of
incorporation for business and password. You’ll get an SMS pop-up with the security
code. Finally, click login to link with the system.


Step 3:  Request Transfer

  • The ownership transfer process takes longer and will take seven working days to
  • Go to the transfer menu and click on Vehicle Registration.
  • Request for ownership transfer
  • Click Create New Button and input the vehicle’s registration number.
  • Proceed to the inquiry button
  • After a successful inquiry, you will be displayed with all the vehicles’ information. This
    includes the name of the owner of the vehicle you wish to transfer and the type of
    registration number.
  • Click the view button to download a scanned logbook
  • Click New Car Owners, where the seller inputs the buyers’ details under Financial,

Non-Individual, or Individual.

  • If you created an individual account, you must enter your national or foreign ID and
    PIN. For a company or financial institution, input the PIN code and click Add.
  • Go to the Security Verification section, choose Mobile, then send the verification code.
    Enter the verification code you will receive via your mobile number, click Disclaimer, and
    then Submit.
  • After the seller successfully submits the required details, an SMS notification will be
    sent to the buyer confirming the vehicle transfer.

Step 4: Accepting/ Declining Vehicle Ownership

At this stage, the buyer is to accept or reject the vehicle ownership to complete the
process. To accept or decline:

  • Log back to the NTSA portal
  • Proceed to Accept Ownership, and Registration Number then Inquire
  • Click view to get a grasp of the vehicle’s information
  • Go to Security Verification, select mobile mode, then Send Verification Code.
  • Fill in the verification code received via the mobile number, and accept or decline the
    ownership transfer.
  • Submit the application for NTSA to process and issue the logbook.

Step 5: Attach all required documents to your application.

Before you submit your application and know How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya: make sure that you have provided the following

  • Identity document, passport, or alien card copies of both the seller and buyer
  • KRA Transfer Form C
  • Proof of purchase invoice (related to the logbook)
  • PIN and Certificate of Registration copies for the buyer and seller (If bought from an organization)

Note that you shouldn’t transfer ownership with a logbook not indicating the original owner, like a deceased person, motor dealer, or financial institution.

The Cost of Transfer of Ownership

The cost of transfer of ownership depends on the type of vehicle. It is payable to NTSA,
and you can pay in cash at their offices or via wire transfer. The current prices are as

  • Transfer fees – Ksh 625
  • License fee:
  • Trailer (less than four wheels) – 1030
  • Trailer (more than four wheels) – Ksh 1890
  • Tractor – Ksh 1030


This guide will help you understand How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya. It is not meant to replace any current legal documentation or advice. Ensure your
The attached documents are authentic and checked with current NTSA rules and regulations.

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