How To Apply For Digital Number Plates. The Kenyan Government rolled out the NTSA Digital Number Plates in August 2022.The new digital number plates are here, and most of you have been asking how you can get them. Well at Online cybercafé we are always here to give you informant  and well researched blogs to guide you on how to perform motor vehicle services. In this post I will guide you on How To Apply For  Digital Number Plates. The Process can be done by Motor Vehicle owners in Kenya and they will be required to pay a fee of KSH 2000 .

How To Apply For Digital Number Plates

1.Go to!/login

2.Choose a vehicle that needs the new plate (there is a list in case you have more than one vehicle).

3.After indicating the plate the plate type and the person who will pick them, then indicate where you will want to collect the plate from.

4.Then, you will be tasked to make a payment via mobile money (M-PESA, Airtel Money) or card.

5.Lastly, you will receive a text from NTSA alerting you when your new plate will be ready.

6.An application fee will then be levied (KES 3000). Ksh 1500 for Motorcycles

7.You will also be required to pay KES 700 for the replacement of a third license.

Manual application

You can also  know How To Apply For Digital Number Plates manually through :

  • Getting the application form from NTSA.
  • Fill in the vehicle information and the type of plates needed.
  • Return the form to NTSA offices.
  • Pay the application fee (ksh 3,000) and wait to be informed when they are ready.

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What’s new with the digital number plates –

These new number plates feature inbuilt security aspects that the government says will make it easier to trace ownership of cars by law enforcement agencies.

These new plates have anti-counterfeit features, including holograms, watermarks, and laser markers to make it easier for the police to trace information on particular vehicles and their owner

Here are how the New   Smart Digital Number plates look like 

How To Apply For Digital Number Plates

Well folks ,that was How To Apply For Digital Number Plates


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