Why Is Tims Account Not Working

Why Is Tims Account Not Working?. There are many reasons why the Tims Account may not be working when you are trying to open a Tims Account online on the tims. http://ntsa.go.ke portal. One of the Major reasons is that there is a system downtime on the NTSA site or servers. This problem lasts a while but is later solved and the system is back .

Why Is Tims Account Not Working?

1. ID Serial number  issue  : Your ID serial number is incorrect or you changed your ID and hence the Serial number changed. When you are creating a new NTSA Tims account, you will need to input your ID Serial Number, Mother’s Maiden Name and your KRA PIN Number when the serial number is not correct or you changed your ID the error will read that the ‘Person is not found”

2.KRA Pin Number issue :

This  is the most common error that you will get when trying to open a new NTSA TIMS account. The error simply states that the “KRA PIN Does Not Exist.”. When you get this error it doesn’t mean that your KRA pin is fake or does not exist you just need to visit NTSA office near you or KRA PIN update or you need to put the Correct KRA PIN. Probably you will be asking yourself Why Is Tims Account Not Working? well, this will answer your question and will solve it once you visit NTSA office to be corrected. Most of the time, the issue is not the KRA PIN number, but rather the main issue is with the NTSA TIMS Servers and Databases

3. Mother’s Maiden Name Error 

With this error you are probably putting a wrong mother’s maiden name, this comes when the NTSA server or portal does not recognize your mother’s maiden name. If you try to put the second ad third mothers name,the problem might go away and you’ll be able to open your tims account

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I check the status of my Driving license in Kenya 

Answer : You can check your Kenyan driving License on the online portal , or can opt  to use our services by clicking tis link NTSA DL Status -Check Your DL Status Online Today

  • Who pays for Vehicle Transfer ownership.

Well this is a hard question and basically depends with the agreement of  the two parties that are purchasing  a vehicle ,Either the Buyer or the Seller can pay for the Transfer fees  or the New owner can pay for the TRansfer fees

  • How long does it take to transfer the logbook in Kenya

The Logbook printing procedure takes about 2-3 weeks. Applications from all over Kenya are sent to Nairobi Headquarters at NTSA Upperhill. Here the New Logbook is Printed. You will carry the Old logbook copy, your ID, Receipts of payments of the transfer, and your IDS. How long does it take a logbook to come back? It takes 2-3 weeks for the logbook to come back.

  • How do I know if my Smart DL is ready? 

The only tool available at your disposal to check if the smart DL is ready for collection is a physical visit to the NTSA office where you applied for it. You should wait until the expiry of the waiting period before you visit the office. In case the DL is not ready for collection, you will be given further instructions on when to collect it.

We have tried to answer the question Why Is Tims Account Not Working?, however many other aspects such as Public holidays ,Tims portal Website maintenance can affect if the Tims portal is working or NOT.





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