What is Ntsa Interim Driving License? The  Interim DL is a requirement by the Kenyan government through National Transport and Safety Authority is the body in charge of the issuance of a driving license. Before you get a  Kenya driving license.

What are the requirements for Ntsa Interim Driving License?

You are  required to have the following Requirements :

  • Be over eighteen years when requesting a motor vehicle driving license or sixteen years and above for a motorcycle license.
  • Apply as a student in a Ntsa Registered Driving School.
  • You should have taken the Kenyan driving test examination administered by police officers to show you can drive a motor vehicle of a particular class.
  • You should have a competence certificate You should have an international driving permit You should be physically fit to drive
  • You should pay a fee for the driving license.
  • When applying for an interim driving license in Kenya, you will have to incur a charge of Kshs 750

What does the Ntsa Interim DL look like? 

The interim Driving license is a provisional Driving license issued by Ntsa after the completion of the Driving course in Kenya. The Paper which is downloaded in the E-citizen Portal looks like the image provided below. This will give you a quick glance and knowledge of knowing at least what an interim driving license looks like in Kenya.


What is Interim Driving License

This answers you the question What is Interim DL.The above is a photo showing how the Interim DL looks like.To get an Interim DL you must have applied for a Driving course at a registered Ntsa approved Driving school .The second step is to apply for PDL .

READDriving License Application Procedure in Kenya |NTSA Services

Frequently asked Questions

1. Can NTSA  interim driving license be renewed?

Answer : Yes,Ntsa Interim DL can be renewed for a period of another 1 year after the date of expiration.You can log in to your E-citizen Portal and renew your IDL for another year. Another option is to apply for a Smart DL.

2. How long does it take to get an interim driving license in Kenya.

Answer : After Applying for a course in a registered Ntsa accredited Driving school, you will select the class of DL you want to learn.PDL license will be given to you by the school for you to be able to drive the After 21 days you will be able to apply for interim DL.

Steve Jonas