Bodaboda Registration Certificate

Bodaboda Registration Certificate is a requirement by the government that all Boda Bodas (Motorbike Taxis) Must be registered with NTSA Portal. During a directive that was issued by HE President Uhuru Kenyatta  earlier this year following an incident at Wangari Maathai RD in Nairobi

How to Download Bodaboda Registration Certificate

To download your Boda Bodaboda Registration Certificate you need to follow the following procedure :

  1. on Your Computer go to
  2. Key in your ID number
  3. Click on ‘Get code’ to get a code on your mobile phone
  4. Enter the code on the space provided, and click Enter
  5. Print out your  Bodaboda Registration Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions about Boda Boda Certificate.

  1. How can I register for the Boda Boda Certificate? 

Answer:  You can Register your Boda Boda in any of the Huduma centers all over Kenya

2. How to download Boda Boda certificate

You can download the Boda Boda Certificate by following the Procedure Above

3.Who can Register Boda boda Certificate?

Answer: Anyone with a Boda Boda ,A valid DL, and a Kenyan ID 

The Boda Boda Sector employs almost 3,000,000 Kenyans and is a big driver of the economy in Kenya. Many young people have been employed by Boda Boda and earn their Daily Living from it. Although there has been many challenges in this Industry, The Government through its State Agency NTSA has tried to streamline the Boda Boda Sector to a more robust earner.

These challenges however do not bar young people all over Kenya to earn a living through genuine means and being able to support their families. Through a subsidy in VAT by the  Late President Kibaki regime,the Tax charged on Boda Boda was significantly reduced hence seeing the reduction of the cost of owning a Boda Boda in Kenya. We must acknowledge that the Late Kibaki played a major role in seeing to it that the Boda Boda industry thrived in Kenya. His legacy will live on forever in his life




Steve Jonas