Petanns Driving School Branches and Fees Structure 2022

Petanns Driving School Branches and Fees Structure 2022. The following is a  list of all Petanns Driving School branches and their fee structure as of 2022. Pettans Driving School is  one of the most popular driving schools in Kenya. They have their headquarters at Capital House next to the Ambassador Hotel along Moi Avenue. Pettans Driving School has  more than 66 branches across 10 counties in Kenya

Who is Pettans Driving School 

Petanns Driving School and Computer College have rapidly expanded their foothold in Kenya, since its inception to become the trailblazers in the driver training industry. Our roots began with a vision to provide excellent services to our customers. We have over the years grown leaps and bounds, boasting a large updated fleet of vehicles, being serviced by our equally sizable team of qualified, proficient, and professional employees.

Petanns Driving School is an NTSA Accredited institution with a network of over 100 branches countrywide covering over 15 counties across the republic of Kenya. This means you can just find us anywhere in your neighborhood.

They are the largest and the MOST successful Driving School in Kenya. We have won three awards in different categories namely; the AKI award as Best Road safety promoter, Automotive Excellence Award as the MOST Preferred Driving School and Digital inclusion Awards as the BEST Driving School in the use of digital solutions.

At Petanns they provide Driver License Acquisition training Courses using our fleet of over 300 vehicles in different vehicle categories namely; Light Motor Vehicle (Saloon Car), Mini-BusTrailerMedium Truck, ForkliftBackhoe, and Motorbike.

The driving tuition standards are set at International levels and tuition methods are continuously updated to make use of the latest driving techniques advised by the Ministry of Interior through National Transport and Safety Authority-NTSA.

Over a million students have acquired their driving licenses from Petanns since its establishment. We have qualified male and female Instructors of high caliber who can instruct the students hands-on making it easier for them to learn.

Their  dedicated driving instructors have immense experience in teaching new learners safe driving skills and habits in accordance with the syllabus administered by the NTSA. They  strive to maintain the highest quality standards and are committed to teaching driving skills that promote road safety.

When it’s time for you to get a driving license, superior standards have been set. You can rest assured that your driving license is within close reach when you learn with us.

At Petanns Driving School, it is believed that in the pursuit of quality and excellence there is no finishing line. That’s why we’ve kept on building a reputable brand that you can be proud of.

Petanns Driving School have professional, experienced and ethical staff members to ensure complete satisfaction for all our students / clients.

Their vehicles are all insured through an established insurance company. Besides, they are all mechanically inspected annually to ensure they are roadworthy.

Petanns Driving School has a comprehensive fleet management system in place that monitors all our vehicles analyzing fuel consumption, usage, etc., allowing us to maintain, repair or update vehicles when necessary.

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Immediately on confirmation of commencement of lessons and knowledge of Petanns Driving School Branches and Fees Structure 2022 students are given their appropriate theory or practical lesson bookings, as per their requirements (We try our best to accommodate bookings as per students request. However, this may not always be possible depending on the availability of vehicles/ instructors etc)

Note; a student can only commence their practical test after being issued with a provisional Driving License, in accordance with the NTSA rules and regulations.

Petanns Driving School Branches and Fees Structure 2022






(Motorcycle not exceeding 100cc)

10 lessons





(Motorcycle Taxi)-tuk-tuk

10 lessons




B1 (Light Passenger Car)

20 lessons




B3 (Professional)

Advanced/ Executive

20 lessons

​​ 10,000



C1 (Light Tracks)

C (Medium Tracks)

20 lessons






D2 MINI-Buses ​​ (PSV)

20 Lessons





20 lessons





Industrial, Construction & Agricultural (Plant operator)

20 lessons






20 lessons



Pettans Driving Schol Branches Countrywide 

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Nairobi

1. Petanns Driving School Town Branch

Location: Capital House next to Ambassador

Contact: 0721 328383


2. Petanns Driving School Kasarani branch

Location: Next to Equity Bank

Contact: 0706 212104


3. Petanns Driving School Githurai 44 branch

Location: Uncle Sam’s Building

Contact: 0724 127 802


4. Petanns Driving School Zimmerman branch

Location: Next to Home-depo Supermarket

Contact: 0706 834 174


5. Petanns Driving School Kahawa West branch

Location: Near City Council office

Contact: 0724 107 233


6. Petanns Driving School Sunton branch

Location: Sunton Business Centre

Contact: 0705 878 762


7. Petanns Driving School Mwiki branch

Location: Near Maina Wamaguru

Contact: 0729 170 017


8. Petanns Driving School Kayole branch

Location: Opp Naivas Supermarket

Contact: 0725 958 853


9. Petanns Driving School Ruaraka branch

Location: Allsops next to Naivas

Contact: 0707  174 788


10. Petanns Driving School Mathare branch

Location: Next to the Main Stage

Contact: 0725 958 850


11. Petanns Driving School Huruma branch

Location: Near Redeem Gospel Church

Contact: 0711 800 507


12. Petanns Driving School Kariobangi branch

Location: Near Kariobangi Stage

Contact: 0720 660 067


13. Petanns Driving School Dandora branch

Location: Dandora Phase 2  near Total

Contact: 0708 182 681


14. Petanns Driving School Umoja branch

Location: Next to Mutindwa Stage

Contact: 0720 660 026


15. Petanns Driving School Buruburu branch

Location: Next to Tuskys

Contact: 0724 648 216


16. Petanns Driving School Utawala branch

Location: Opposite Tumaini Supermarket

Contact: 0708 520 395


17. Petanns Driving School Ruai branch

Location: Near Quickmart Supermarket

Contact: 0718 307 473


18. Petanns Driving School Tassia branch

Location: Near Tassia Stage

Contact: 0706 835 408


19. Petanns Driving School Kangemi branch

Location: Kangemi Shopping Centre

Contact: 0708 166 290


20. Petanns Driving School Dagoretti branch

Location: Near Dagoretti Market

Contact: 0708 183 081


21. Petanns Driving School Kawangware branch

Location: Near Precious Blood

Contact: 0708 182 393


22. Petanns Driving School Gikomba branch

Location: Next to Gikomba B  Stage

Contact: 0796 957 771

23. Petanns Driving School South B branch

Location: Next to the Main Stage

Contact: 0798 699 955

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Kiambu County 

1. Petanns Driving School Makongeni branch

Location: Next to Matatu Main Stage

Contact: 0711 800 504


2. Petanns Driving School Thika branch

Location: Mangu House, Main Stage

Contact: 0708 708 607


3. Petanns Driving School Thika B branch

Location: Kihanya House Next to Equity Bank

Contact: 0798 699 994


4. Petanns Driving School Witeithie branch

Location: Witeithie Main Stage

Location: 0706 238 081


5. Petanns Driving School Juja branch

Location: Ngumba Plaza

Contact: 0727 802 011


6. Petanns Driving School Ruiru branch

Location: Near Matatu Stage

Contact: 0702 689 801


7. Petanns Driving School Gatundu branch

Location: Near Equity

Contact: 0702 707 817


8. Petanns Driving School Kahawa Wendani branch

Location: Next to Magunas Supermarket

Contact: 0718 647 770


9. Petanns Driving School Githurai 45 branch

Location : Wima House next to Post Bank

Contact: 0729 484 762


10. Petanns Driving School Kirigiti branch

Location: Near Kirigiti Stadium

Contact: 0725 958 855


11. Petanns Driving School Kiambu branch

Location: Opposite Bata at Main stage

Contact: 0706 212 103


12. Petanns Driving School Limuru branch

Location: Njegi Building  Opposite Bata

Contact: 0723 722 008


13. Petanns Driving School Banana branch

Location: Near Mombasa Stage

Contact: 0707 174 917


14. Petanns Driving School Ruaka branch

Location: Ruaka Shopping Centre

Contact: 0702 708 061


15. Petanns Driving School Gachie Gichagi branch

Location: Nairobi Hardware

Contact: 0729 869 500


16. Petanns Driving School Gachie Riveroli branch

Location: At Corner Stage

Contact: 0702 774 130


17. Petanns Driving School Wangige branch

Location: Next to Total Petrol Station

Contact: 0707 032 618


18. Petanns Driving School Kikuyu branch

Location: Next  to Self Ridges near Footbridge

Contact: 0722 314 583

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Nakuru County

1. Petanns Driving School Naivasha branch

Location: Opposite Karagita Stage

Contact: 0708 767 682


2. Petanns Driving School Nakuru branch

Location: Sokoni Plaza opp Main Stage

Contact: 0708 767 585


3. Petanns Driving School Gilgil branch

Location: Next to Equity Bank

Contact: 0799 409 986

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Laikipia County

1. Petanns Driving School Nyahururu branch

Location: Cleanshelf Supermarket

Contact: 0798 699 946


2. Petanns Driving School Nanyuki branch

Location: Opposite County GGovernment Office

Contact: 0721 328 383

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Murang’a County

1. Petanns Driving School Kenol branch

Location: Near Kenol Market

Contact: 0708 182 405


2. Petanns Driving School Muranga branch

Location: Next to Main Stage

Contact: 0712 555 188

3. Petanns Driving School Kangari branch

Location: Next to Equity Bank

Contact: 0725 042 330


4. Petanns Driving School Kiriani branch

Location: Opp Open Air Market

Contact: 0721 328 383

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Kirinyaga County

1. Petanns Driving School Kagio branch

Location: City Mall Building Opp KWFT

Contact: 0798 699 951

2. Petanns Driving School Mwea branch

Location: Makuti Club Building next to Sidian Bank

Contact: 0704 521 111

3. Petanns Driving School Kerugoya branch

Location: Peris House Opp Total Petrol Station

Contact: 0741 689  966

4. Petanns Driving School Kagumo branch

Location: Opp Main Stage

Contact: 0741 689965

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Embu County

1. Petanns Driving School Embu branch

Location: Loyal Arcade next to Sidian Bank

Contact: 0716 646 410

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Kajiado County

1. Petanns Driving School Kitengela branch

Location: Next to Kenol Kobil

Contact: 0716 147 766

2. Petanns Driving School Kiserian branch

Location: Near Total Petrol Station , Cooperative Bank

Contact: 0708 166 549

3. Petanns Driving School Ngong branch

Location: Opposite Equity Bank

Contact: 0702 775 085

4. Petanns Driving School Rongai branch

Location: Opp Main Stage near Rafiki Microfinance Bank

Contact: 0724 884 232

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Machakos County

1. Petanns Driving School Athi River branch

Location: Nyambura Stage

Contact: 0719 740 532

2. Petanns Driving School Mlolongo branch

Location: Near Post Bank

Contact: 0708 520 474

3. Petanns Driving School Machakos branch

Location: Next to Naivas Supermarket

Contact: 0796 957 772

4. Petanns Driving School Tala branch

Location: Opp Eastmatt Supermarket

Contact: 0704 261 414

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Nyeri County

1. Petanns Driving School Nyeri branch

Location: Next to Naivas Main Stage

Contact: 0718 471 333

2. Petanns Driving School Karatina branch

Location: Near Main stage next to Eco Bank

Contact: 0717  625 953

3. Petanns Driving School Othaya branch

Location: Opp Main Stage

Contact: 0741 689 967

 Petanns Driving School Branches in Meru County

1. Petanns Driving School Meru branch

Location: Near Gakoromone  Supermarket

Contact: 0721 328 383


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