Tims Login Password.This guide will show you how to change your  Ntsa Tims Login Password. You will need to know your old password in order to change it. I strongly recommend that you write down your password in a secure place and change it immediately so that you don’t forget it. You can change your password by going to the User Settings page on your Tims account, and clicking the “Forgot Your Password?”

Tims Login Password  -Tims Login Password

Step 1: Go to https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login csp. to access the NTSA TIMS Account Portal.
The initial step in this procedure is to go to the NTSA TIMS account portal using the above-mentioned link.

Tims Login Password


Step 2: Select Forgot Your Password from the drop-down menu to  reset  your Tims Login Password
The next step is to click the Forgot your Password option, which is found directly beneath the sign-in button. This is exemplified in the diagram below.

Tims Login Password.

Step 3: Type your Username/ID Number in the box provided.
You must now input your username/ID number in this stage. We’ll use the ID number and the status as Citizen in our situation because we’re resetting the Tims Login Password for an individual (Kenyan Citizen).

Tims Login Password.

Step 4 : NTSA TIMS Authentication Identity 
This is the stage in which the NTSA TIMS portal checks your identification, i.e., whether you are the legitimate owner of the NTSA TIMS account portal for which you are attempting to reset the password. This is exemplified in the diagram below.

Tims Login Password -How to Recover Tims Password 7

Step 5: Select Get Verification Code (Green button)
In order to obtain the verification code via SMS, you must click the Get verification code option in this step. A diagram is provided below.

Tims Login Password -How to Recover Tims Password 8

After clicking the Get verification code button, a sms will be sent to your phone number with your verification code, which you must input in the verification information box and then submit. This is exemplified in the diagram below.

To move on to the next step, input your NTSA verification code and click the submit button.

Step 6: Create a New NTSA Password You must create a new NTSA TIMS account password in this step. You should create a password that is both strong and memorable so that you do not forget it.

Tims Login Password -How to Recover Tims Password 9

After you’ve entered your new NTSA password, click the submit button to finish the NTSA TIMS account password reset process. After you’ve completed that, you should be able to see the final screen, which is seen below.