NTSA Model Town Board Questions. I suppose when reading this information, you are enrolled in a Driving school where you are learning to be a driver. Part of the NTSA curriculum is the  Model Town board (MTB), this is a board that shows how roads in Kenya and most of the roads in the world are.   Learn how to use the model town board and pass your NTSA driving test theory exams with our simple step-by-step lessons. You will also be informed about the Model Town Board questions and answers format.

NTSA Model Town Board Questions

NTSA Model Town Board Questions

A model town board is a drawing representation of the road. This Model is used in driving schools to teach students how to use the road. Some of the major  features of the model town board include a roundabout, highways, parking, and pedestrian crossing 

The major and minor roads are all one-way traffic roads which means vehicles travel in the same direction of the road.

Rules of the Model Town Board –NTSA Model Town Board Questions

The following are the rules of the Model Town Board and the most important ones that you are supposed to know. These questions are asked during the NTSA Test and knowing these you will be sure you will pass your NTSA exams.

  • Always use the shortest route
  • If you must use the longest route, make sure that it is correct
  • Use parking as the last option
  • Always give way to vehicles coming from the right side in the roundabout
  • Always park from the furthest side of the parking

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Ntsa Model Town board Questions

In the model town board, examiners look at whether you understand how to park, change lanes, and observe road rules. A toy car will be positioned in a particular location in a model town board and you will be asked to move it to an indicated position.  If you pass this exam you will definitely pass your exam and be the newest driver in Town! Always pay attention to your instructor whenever they are giving lessons on the Model Town Board.


1. What is the most important rule in the Model Town Board? 

Answer: Always use the shortest route

2. What is an MTB? 

Answer: An MTB is is the abbreviation of the Model Town Board 

3. Where is an MTB board  Found? 

This Model is used in driving schools to teach students how to use the road.



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