KRA P9 Form Download

KRA P9 Form Download. The tax deduction Card is also known as the Kra P9 form is issued by KRA  to employees. This crucial Kra p9 form excel download shows what your earnings are, benefits, allowances, and deductions for Kra Returns of  past year. The kra p9 form 2022 is crucial as it will help in knowing exactly what deductions were deducted and what amount of tax was deducted.

The Tax period when you are supposed to file your Tax returns is from January 1st to 31st December of each year. However, the Tax filing deadline is June 30th  of each year.

Failure to do so attracts a penalty of Sh. 2,000 for late filing and a penalty of Ksh. 20,000 for a total failure of filing your returns for the whole year form .

KRA P9 Form Download

In most cases, employers access P9 forms on the employer’s online platform, Some employers issue the P9 forms manually. For teachers, the P9 form is available on the TSC online website while employees in Human Resource Sectors can download their P9 forms from Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) website. You will need to have a  working User ID  ID and password to log in before you can download your P9 form.

What does the KRA P9 look like? 

The below image shows what the Kra P9 form looks like.NB: This is the Kra P9 form that is used by many employers, however other P9 forms look different.

KRA P9 Form Download

You can also download the Blank P9 form here below

Click Here To Download KRA-P9-Form

Procedure of Filing Tax Returns using the KRA P9 form

  1. Get your P9 form from your employer or download it online if you are a Teacher or employed by the government
  2. Log in to You will need your KRA PIN and Password to log in
  3. Go to Returns Menu and select ‘FILE RETURNS’ ITR For Employment Income Only
  4. Select the tax obligation (Income Tax-Resident Individual) and click ‘Next’
  5. Click to download the Income Tax Return form using the provided link
  6. Enter your PIN, Type of return, return period ‘From’ and return period ‘To’ (The 1st date of January Last year to the last date of December Last year)
  7. On sheet F, enter your Employer’s PIN, Name of employer, Gross Pay, Allowances, and benefits from employment as per the p9 form.
  8. On sheet M, select the pin of the employer from the dropdown menu, enter the name of the employer, taxable salary, tax payable on taxable salary (chargeable pay), and amount of tax deducted as per the P9 form
  9. On sheet T ‘Tax Computation’ and the figure as is on your P9 form. Enter your personal relief (where applicable)
  10. Once you have confirmed the details you have entered match what is on the P9 form, validate and generate the upload file
  11. Enter the return period if filing for the first time
  12. Upload the form by choosing the zip file, agree to the terms and submit
  13. Download and print the receipt that will be generated for future reference

KRA P9 Form Download


The form is in an Excel sheet, you will see the download in the ‘Download’ section of your computer.

The Hr department of your company can also provide you with a P9 form. You can just ask for a P9 from your HR manager. The P9 form can be sent to you through an email or it can be typed manually.

Frequently asked questions 

1. What if I don’t have a P9 , can I still file Tax returns?

Answer: Yes you can use the ‘File ITR  option in the itax portal.The calculations will have been done but you will have to balance them

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