How to Get Ntsa Artic Trailer Stamp

How to Get Ntsa Artic Trailer Stamp.On the new NTSA Curriculum,the Articulated class (Artic) has been changed to CLass CE. This class enables one to drive a heavy truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) exceeding 7500 kg(7 Tonnes)  with a heavy trailer or semi-trailer

The License also Enables one to drive articulated vehicles (i.e. a vehicle with two or more parts that are connected so that they can move in different directions at the same time)
Equipped with a manual or automatic gearbox

Artic Truck

Requirements or How to Get Ntsa Artic Trailer Stamp

  • Minimum age of 28 years
  • Four years’ experience of driving category C
  • Required to undergo training and retesting for category CE

This License allows you to drive trucks exceeding Tare weight of 7500 Kgs .If you have BCE license you may need to get an Artic Driving license in order to be able to drive Transit Goods  vehicles from one country to another .

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Process of getting  Artic  DL or How to Get Ntsa Trailer Stamp

The regulating agency is the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA ) and applications are via made TIMS NTSA website. The NTSA requires that drivers take a driving exam before being issued with an endorsement for a new class. You first have to visit book a driving test and get tested before you can be issued with an endorsement. You can register with a Driving school which offer articulated DL and book an exam with them this will solve your question on How to Get Ntsa Artic Trailer Stamp

Endorsement Driving License Instructions

  1. Log into the TIMS NTSA website and look for the Driving License link.
  2. Look for the Driving Class Endorsement Link and read the instructions.
  3. You will need to apply for test booking in an approved driving school.
  4. The endorsement will cost you Kshs 550 which you can pay via Mpesa.

After this please visit NTSA offices for further processing and actual stamping of the license.

Steve Jonas