Ntsa Psv License requirements in Kenya

Ntsa Psv License requirements in Kenya. The Ntsa Psv(Public service vehicle)  License is a License required by Kenyan drivers above 24 years of age to enable them to drive Passenger,Tour, and Institution Vehicles. A Psv License in Kenya is Provided by the National Transport Services Authority(Ntsa) .To get a PSV License you need to have  the needed requirements

Ntsa Psv License requirements in Kenya

To have a PSV License in Kenya you require the following Documents to be available with you for you be able to start the process of acquiring the PSV license in Kenya. The first thing that you need to have is your ID of course but I will go ahead and give you a list below.

1. First, a driver applying for a public service vehicle license(PSV) in Kenya should be twenty-four years and over and have over four years of experience in driving in Kenya or abroad.

2. To obtain a public service license in Kenya, a driver should fill the form in the NTSA Portal  https://portal.ntsa.go.ke/rsl/cpanel/license_app.php

Here you will be asked to fill your DL information, upload a photo and Give your Residential information.

3. Enter your information and if you haven’t opened an account, please do so as shown in the figure below.

Follow the instructions as shown in the above photo.

4. After registration now you can go ahead and log in to your account. The PSV application portal looks like the below photo.

5.A certificate of good conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department [CID] is required as Ntsa Psv License requirements in Kenya. You can apply for one at the E-citizen Portal. Make sure your Certificate of good conduct is valid.

6.You will upload the Certificate of good conduct as shown in the photo below

7. Upload the Passport photo too in the required section under ‘my account’

What is needed to be taken to NTSA with you after application?

  • A copy of national identity card
  • Driving license of one who is applying.
  • Receipt of payment for certification.

A Prescribed fee of KSH 625 is paid by the applicant to obtain a PSV license, the payment is made through E-citizen Portal and payment system.

For drivers in Kenya obliged to drive class E-apply for Class J Matatu endorsement the one obliged to Drive class B, C, and E is required to apply for class A endorsement.

Matatu Conductors Application

Requirements or obtaining a conductor PSV license include the flowing;

One must be of 18 years and above,

have a copy of national identity card

Have a certificate of good conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department in Kenya.

To obtain a public service license in Kenya, a conductor should fill a Form XVII which is taken to Traffic Police Department in Nairobi (located in Upper Hill near Kenyatta National hospital) for certification.

Ksh 50 is charged or certification of Form XVI

The receipt obtained from the Traffic Police Department should be taken to Road Transport Department in Nairobi which is located in Times Tower in Nairobi

A Prescribed fee of KSH 625 is paid by the applicant to obtain a PSV license, the payment is made to the Road Transport Department in Times Towers in Nairobi.

Apply Online :

Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website NTSA and under the Quick Links, section click on the PSV license applications.

Create an account with NTS by filling in your names and ID number.

Wait for the site to register your details and proceed to input more required information so as to complete registration. This information includes


Mobile number

You are also required to upload a recent passport photograph(Then Click on the create account icon so as to create an account)

Now login into your newly created account

Select approved licensing status and click on the new application then choose the application type you want to make;

PSV Driver application

PSV Conductor Application

Institution Driver Application form

Taxi Driver Application form

Fill in the required details in the generated form. The details include:

link to Sacco/ Institution/ Employer

Update license photo

Physical address

P.O.Box address

Attach good conduct

Drivers license number

License collection point

Click net to go to the payment section. Select payment method and proceed to pay. Methods of payment include

M-pesa/ Debit/ Credit / Prepaid card

Airtel Money


E- agent


After payment confirms payment by click on the confirm payment icon.

Click submit after confirming payment. Go to back the dashboard and click my applications to review your application.

If satisfied that the information is correct print your application and take it to the collection point to collect, your license.

Steve Jonas