How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in Kenya

How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in Kenya. To register a vehicle in Kenya you will need to have imported a new Car  from Japan .You will pay the C&F (Cost and freight) of the vehicle to reach the Mombasa Port .After that you will Pay KRA Taxes and Import duties and other Taxes .You will have now the Car ready to be Registered under Tims 

How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in Kenya

Step 1 : Login in your Tims Account [The old Tims Account]

Step 2 : Click on Vehicle Registration and select “Apply for Vehicle Registration ”

Step 3 : Type in Your KRA Pin and Click on the Search icon on the left

Step 4 : The Mobile Number Registered to the account will appear. Click on “Obtain Dynamic Password to receive a verification code .Type in the verification code sent to your Mobile and click NEXT .

Step 5: A new window appear which requires you to type in the Customs Entry Number and Vehicle Chasis Number.


Step 6 : After you type in the Custom Entry Number and Chasis Number , click on “Enquire’ so that the vehicle details appear .Click on Register to Proceed.

Step 7 ; The Full details will appear as captured in the custom entry document.Click on  Request for Modification to modify any blank details.

Step 8 : Fill in and type the collection details for the logbook and reflective number plate .

Step 9 : Confirm the details and accept the declaration .Click on Submit to proceed .

Step 10 : Upload the scanned cloured registration documents in PDFformat and click on Next .

Step 11 :Review the amount that is supposed to be aid for the Third Plate sticker  (RFID) for vehicle registration .Click Next

Step  12 : Click Pay , choose the payment method E.g Mpesa and make payment

Step 13 : Click on  “Complete” to finalize the payment and submit the application.

You can visit Ntsa office near you to take the hard copies of the documents required.

Well there you have it forks that is how to How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in Kenya


Steve Jonas