How To Activate A Dormant Equity  Account

How To Activate A Dormant Equity  Account. If you have a dormant Equity bank account you have not used for a while, good news! you can now activate or know how to  Activate the Account. You will need to provide your ID copy to the nearest Equity Bank and they will activate your account.

How To Activate A Dormant Equity Account

The Equity bank account activation form in Kenya is filled by addressing to the bank manager stating the request for activation and the reasons why the account was dormant. After filling the form, you will be required to pay Kshs. 220 over the counter for the Equity bank account to be activated.

  1. Visit Equity Branch near you
  2. Carry your ID or Passport
  3. Carry your Eazzy Equitel line
  4. Carry your Companies documents if its a company Account
  5. Carry some money to activate or
  6. Make a small deposit to your Account

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Steve Jonas