How To Check If My Logbook is Ready

How To Check If My Logbook is Ready. After doing the Motor vehicle transfer online you can check if your Logbook is ready for collection in your Tims accounts. Before I show you the procedure let’s know what is motor vehicle transfer first. Motor vehicle transfer is the act of transferring a motor vehicle from one user to another. The following categories qualify to be motor vehicles.

  1. Motorcycles
  2. Motor cars
  3. Tractors
  4. Earthmovers
  5. Prime movers and trailers
  6. Buses

After a successful transaction and of course agreeing on the price with either a company or an individual, the original logbook will now be available for transfer to a new owner. The new owner requires a new kra pin and details of his Kenyan ID.


How To Check If My Logbook is Ready

If you are the buyer and After everything is done you will need to take the old logbook to the Nearest NTSA office. You will also need to print out a copy of the invoice that you paid the logbook transfer charges. If you are not sure about the price or the transfer charges of your motor vehicle  here are the charges of transfer of motor vehicles and their prices or charges below :

Motor vehicle transfer charges sheet 

Logbook Transfer Charges Ntsa. The transfer fee for the NTSA logbook in 2021 has not changed compared to the previous years, For older vehicles, a Ksh 700 additional fee is needed for the “Third plate sticker” this sticker has all the information of a Vehicle including the VIN Number, Chasis Number and The owner of the vehicle.

The NTSA logbook transfer charges can be varies depending on the engine capacity of the vehicle.

  • Not exceeding 1000cc: Kshs 1,660
  • 1001 – 1200cc: Kshs 1,890
  • 1201 – 1500cc: Kshs 2,065
  • 1501 – 1700cc: Kshs 2,410
  • 1701 – 2000cc: Kshs 2,695
  • 2001 – 2500cc: Kshs 3,845
  • 2501 – 3000cc: Kshs 5,055
  • 3001 and above: Kshs 5,915
  • A trailer with less than four wheels: Kshs 1,030
  • A trailer with more than four wheels:    Kshs 1,890
  • Tractor: Kshs 1,030

How To Check If My Logbook is Ready | The Procedure

  1. Log in to your Tims account
  2. Username is your ID number
  3. Put your Password
  4. Click get code
  5. Input security code
  6. log in
  7. Go to the “Vehicle Registration” Tab
  8. Go to ‘Accept ownership”
  9. Check if the status reads “completed”

If the status is completed that means your logbook is ready for collection in the Ntsa office that you put in the procedure for transfer. If you cannot be able to log in to your tims account please read How To Login To My Tims Account -Learn how in 7 Steps

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