Equity Bank Kenya Account Opening Requirements.Do you need a Equity Bank Kenya Account and dont know how to go about it? ,well you are now in the right place because by the end of this post ,you will have known the Equity Bank Kenya Account Opening Requirements and will be able to enjoy Banking with Equity Bank as a new customer.So without much further ado ,lets dive into this!

What are Equity Bank Kenya Account Opening Requirements?

First of all you need to have reached the Legal age of 18 years ,you will also be a holder of a Kenyan ID and you were born in Kenya.The second requirement is to visit any Equity Bnk Branch and ask for a Registration Form or you can download one from Equity Bank Website.There are different kinds of Accounts offered by the bank one of them being the Equity Ordinary Account.

Download individual-account-opening-form

Equity Ordinary Account

Equity Ordinary Account is your perfect medium for personal deposits, daily business transactions, and remittances. After you follow the Equity Bank Kenya Account Opening Requirements, It’s ideal for people who want to save money and make deposits or withdrawals any time they like. The account can be held by an individual or a business.

Ideal for:

  • Individuals (singly or jointly)
  • Groups –Groups and registered entities be separated from the individual,
  • Registered entities

Key Features of Equity Ordinary Account

  • No minimum operating balance.
  • Earn interest monthly on balances kept above Ksh. 10,000 only savings account should earn interest. We should have the saving accounts separate
  • No monthly charges.
  • Full access to mobile banking and internet banking
  • Customers can choose a payment card that best suits their needs. They Include prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Cash and cheque deposits.

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Why You Should Open an Ordinary Account

  1. No maintenance fees.
  2. No ledger fees.
  3. Customers can access their account from any of the countries Equity Bank Operates in.
  4. 24hour support through 0763000000 and/or info@equitybank.co.ke
  5. Instant Mastercard or Visa Card issued on application
  6. Online banking and mobile banking opt-in option


  • Over the counter cash withdrawal charge
  • Agency withdrawal charge
  • ATM withdrawal charge
  • Free funds transfer to another Equity account (On Equitel)
  • Freestanding order set-up and transactions
  • Third-party charges apply e.g. Swift, Pesalink
  • Free periodic and email statements.  Additional printed are chargeable
  • *Payment card Ksh. 600, exclusive of taxes