How to Replace a Lost or Defaced Logbook

How to Replace a Lost or Defaced Logbook. If you own a car, you probably by now have a logbook. You may have asked the seller of the vehicle to transfer the vehicle to you. You will need to have a   Tims Account and if not please do so by Creating Tims Account -Register New Account Today to get one. If everything is okay and you accidentally lost your logbook, you may have the opportunity to replace the Lost Logbook. You may need to have a copy of the Logbook to present at Ntsa.

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How to Replace a Lost or Defaced Logbook

This is a procedure of how to replace a lost or defaced Logbook.

  1. Report the loss to a police station and obtain a police abstract (if lost)
  2. Visit the headquarters of Traffic so as to obtain a tape lift.
  3. Log into NTSA TIMS.
  4. Select vehicle registration.
  5. Select Apply for duplicate Logbook then select create new.
  6. Select lost or defaced.
  7. Fill in the required information
  8. Click on upload police abstract and copy of the Logbook
  9. Pay the required fees

What Documents do you need?
1. Original Logbook
2. NTSA Application form XI
3. Copy of ID/ Certificate of incorporation /Business Registration Certificate
4. A fee of Kshs. Kshs. 2,550/= defaced or lost Logbook
5. A police abstract and official / receipt for same must be attached (for lost cases)

6.Affidavit from a lawyer confirming that the logbook was lost.

Going to NTSA 

After the Online Application in your Tims Account, you will be required to go to your Nearest Tims office for verification. You may need to check the Logbook collection office after some time to see if your logbook has been printed.


What do I do when my logbook gets defaced or gets water?

You may apply for a New logbook in the above procedure.

Well folks this is How to Replace a Lost or Defaced Logbook procedure. Hope you learned something.