How To Login To My Tims Account

How To Login To My Tims Account. Probably by now you have heard about  TIMS. Most people ask what is Tims? or How to login to  Tims account. In this exciting blog post ,I will be showing you how to Log in to your Tims account and get the NTSA Services that you will need.

How To Login To My Tims Account. The Easy steps to follow.

Tims(Transport Integrated Management System) is an Initiative by the government which was launched in 2015 to enable drivers and prospective drivers to be able to access NTSA services online fast.

To be able to log to your Tims account ,you will need to have an account first. To get a Tims account you will need to be at least 18 years old and over. You need to have a Valid KRA PIN .You will need to know your Mothers Maiden Name ,(Mothers Maiden name is the Name of your mother before she got married.In this case you can provide the mothers full name just to check which one will go through.

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If you don’t have Tims Account Register one HERE

Tims Account Login Procedure

After registration, we will now be able to answer the question How To Login To My Tims Account you will now be able to login to your Tims account. First you will need  computer with internet,

1.On your browser go to

This is the official NTSA portal. You will see a login pad ,this login pad has a the following ,Login Method ,Username/ID No ,Password ,You will also see the Type Security Code tab ,you will click on “Get code” a Sms will be sent to the Safaricom Mobile number registered.

2.On the Login Method you will choose the ID number option ,that applies if you area Individual. If you are an Alien you will choose “Alien” (This applies for foreigners who live in Kenya and have the Foreigners certificate i.e the Alien Card. If you are a company please choose “username” ,you will use the username that your company uses.

3. On the second Tab you will see a “Username/ID No tab. This is where you input your ID Number which doubles up as your Username.

4. Key in the Passwords that you got when registering the Tims account for the first time ,you can check in your SMS messages from 22847 ,the password is always the same as the authorization code that you got after registration of the  Tims account. In some instances ,you may not get the password  due to some technical issues ,please use the authorization code that you got from 22847 NTSA messaging system. 

5. Next step is to get the security code.

A security code is a security measure that NTSA has put in place to ensure only the rightful owners of the Account have access to the Account. The Security code is only sent to the mobile number  that was used when registering the Tims account. If you are a company ,the Mobile number is one of the directors numbers.

Click on the “Get Code” Tab ,this will send a verification code to the mobile Number that has been registered.

6.Go to your Mobile Phone message and check a message from 22847 Messaging service from NTSA Kenya. Key in the Security code on the  space provided and click log in .

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7.After login in please make sure all the details are okay i.e your Driving license details ,your Location and address etc. Sometimes the code may  not be sent to your mobile phone. There is a reason for this ,maybe you have stayed a log time without login in to your Tims account. 

How to subscribe to NTSA messages 22847 

Send the word “NTSA ” to 22847 ,safaricom will tell you if you are subscribed to Ntsa sms services or not.

Steps to confirm you have subscribed to NTSA 22847 Service
1. Safaricom Prepaid Customers: Dial *100*5*4*1#
2. Safaricom Postpaid Customers : Dial *200*5*4*1#