How Can I Revisit My Ntsa Invoice In My Portal

How Can I Revisit My Ntsa Invoice In My Portal. Have you done a Transaction on the NTSA Tims Portal but did not print the Ntsa Tims invoice ? well it happens and this can be a little bit disheartening. What can you do to get back the Invoice for you to print and present  it to NTSA offices with other documents? 

How Can I Revisit My NTSA Invoice In My Portal-The Procedure

This procedure is one of the most helpful information that any website  dealing with NTSA services have written. You will not even get this information in the Official Ntsa government website. So without further ado lets dive in to the process of retrieving the invoice when you didn’t print the invoice or maybe something like power turned off your computer ,your browser clicked accidentally etc. By the end of this blog post i will have answered your question how can I revisit my NTSA invoice in my Portal or account for that matter.

To be able to retrieve the Ntsa Tims invoice ,you must have  logged in to your Tims account using either your ID number as Username, Company username or Alien ID .

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If you are using any browser ,you probably know that any browser leave a trail of what you we doing online. So what is the browser history? Web Browsing History refers to a list of web pages that a user has visited, as well as related data such as page title and visit time. They are usually stored locally by web browsers to give the user a history list to return to previously. Lets take common browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox . To access the history tab you will click oh CRTL + H as shown in the figure below.

1.You will locate the History Tab

How Can I Revisit My Ntsa Invoice In My Portal
2. Each line shows the  timeline [Date ,Time ,year and Time]of what you did and at what time you did it.If you are lucky and the browser history was not deleted or cleared ,you can be able to get the exact time that you paid for the invoice and the time that you paid for the service that you were applying for. You will see how the NTSA website is listed and the activities that you did. Locate the line that says ” Pay” as shown in the figure below.

How Can I Revisit My Ntsa Invoice In My Portal

3.After you identify the certain invoice that you want print then you can click on the link to the invoince that you want to print you will see it writen “view receipt” ,in this case I will use an example of a car search I did like 4 weeks ago, I did not print the Invoice ,I have used this effective method to retrieve my invoice and went ahead and printed it as shown in the figure below.

How to Print tims invoice

4.You will see a print button. Click on ‘print’  ,you will see your printer listed on the list of printers on that particular computer or you can save the Invoice as a PDF file which you can save in your Flash disk as shown in the figure below .Print tims invoice online

Well there you have it folks this is what you have been looking for ,and asking yourselves ,How Can I Revisit My Ntsa Invoice In My Portal? I have tried to answer the questions and hop it has helped you a great deal. 

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