Logbook Transfer Charges Ntsa

Logbook Transfer Charges Ntsa. The transfer fee for the NTSA logbook in 2021 has not changed compared to the previous years, For older vehicles a Ksh 700 additional fee is needed for the “Third plate sticker” this sticker has all the information of a Vehicle including the VIN Number ,Chasis Number and The owner of the vehicle.

The NTSA logbook transfer charges can be  varies depending on the engine capacity of the vehicle.

  • Not exceeding 1000cc: Kshs 1,660
  • 1001 – 1200cc: Kshs 1,890
  • 1201 – 1500cc: Kshs 2,065
  • 1501 – 1700cc: Kshs 2,410
  • 1701 – 2000cc: Kshs 2,695
  • 2001 – 2500cc: Kshs 3,845
  • 2501 – 3000cc: Kshs 5,055
  • 3001 and above: Kshs 5,915
  • A trailer with less than four wheels: Kshs 1,030
  • A trailer with more than four wheels:    Kshs 1,890
  • Tractor: Kshs 1,030

The system is designed to help on the NTSA logbook transfer online of a motor vehicle and other services related to what the agency offers.


After going through this guide to transfer a logbook after changing ownership of vehicles, you will notice that the process of transferring the NTSA logbook is not that complicated at all. With the right documents and the right fees, the rest will be done with ease.

The NTSA has shortened the process for sellers and buyers, so they do not have to go through a long and frustrating process of logbook transfer.

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