TSC Tpad2 Login is a system that allows a Teacher to use the new Teachers Service Commission TPAD 2 system, you must first create an account. When you have created a TPAD 2 account that you can now log into the appraisal system. We are going to how to create a new TPAD 2 Account, Log in, update your account, and recover your password.

READ ALSOTSC Tpad2 Login -How to Login to TSC Tpad2 in Kenya

1.Access the new TSC Tpad2 Login system by using the address; http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/

2.Next, click on ‘Log in’ as shown in the figure below;

TSC Tpad2 Login

3.Select user type; Teacher / Deputy, Head of Institution, Curriculum Support Officer, Sub-County Director, County Director / County ICT or Regional Director. The following window will appear  as shown below

TSC Tpad2 Login

4.Select the ‘First time Login? Create account’ tab as indicated in the figure.You will get the window shown below. Enter your details correctly and then click ‘Create Account’

TSC Tpad2 Login

5.Enter valid and correct information in the spaces provided. The details entered will be saved to enable login to the system and commence the appraisal process. Ensure the details entered are correct and click on “create account” button for verification and account creation.

6.After the details entered are verified, a login view appears. Here, you should enter the details used in account creations ie. TSC number, ID number, and Password for permission access to the system

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