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Ntsa driving test questions and Answers online 2022 to Pass NTSA Test in Kenya.This post with answer your Driving test quiz and also the Ntsa DL test questions. Below is a list of 100 driving school test Questions and Answers to help you pass your NTSA  test and get your Driving License approved or issued in Kenya.

Ntsa driving test questions and Answers online 2022

What are Dim Lights?

These are lights that are switched on when it is getting dark. They are also switched on for a short-distance viewing of oncoming vehicles.

What are parking dim lights?

They are lights that are switched on at 6: 45 AM or when it is raining or dusty.

What are full lights?

These are lights used on highways to enable the driver see further

What are hazard lights?

These are vehicle lights that flash at the front and back of the car. They are switched on when they is a hazard or danger.

What are Indicator lights?

These are lights that are used to provide signals to other users when changing lanes, reversing and parking.

What are brake lights?

These are lights that indicate the vehicle is applying brakes.

When can you put the lights during day time?

  1. When its foggy
  2. During heavy rainfall
  3. When its misty
  4. During emergency

Ntsa driving test questions have been listed below in no order;

What is a vehicle?

it is an automobile power driven machine

What is a lane?

It is a path to be followed by the vehicle

Who is a pedestrian?

  • Road users on foot

What is the rule of the road in Kenya?

Always keep left unless overtaking

Which side do you overtake from in Kenya?

From the right side

Name three documents which must be valid before you are allowed to drive?

  1. Valid driving license
  2. Valid insurance certificate
  3. Valid vehicle inspection certificate

Which vehicle have right of way?

  1. Ambulance with siren
  2. Fire engine with a siren
  3. Presidential escort with siren
  4. Police car with a siren

What is the maximum driving speed limit in town?

It is 50Km/h

What is the maximum driving speed limit on highway?

  • For Pickups/lorries is 80Km/h
  • For Cars it is110Km/h
  • For Trailers it is 65Km/h

Ntsa driving test questions continues..

When are you not allowed to drive despite having the three valid required documents?

  1. When you are sick
  2. Drunk
  3. Under drugs fatigue

What is the Highway Code?

Highway code is a booklet checked and passed by the parliament for rules of road users in Kenya

What do you look for when driving past stationery vehicle?

  • Opening of doors
  • Pedestrian crossing

What are four important tool you must carry when driving for a safari?

  1. Car jack
  2. Spare wheel
  3. Spot light

Name four causes of accidents in Kenya?

  1. Drunkenness
  2. Over-speeding
  3. Overloading
  4. carelessness

How many wheels does a saloon car have?

Five (four moving one and one spare)

How many eyes does a driver have?

Three (two natural and one artificial)

What should you do first when receiving your driving license for the first time?

Check all the details are correct and sign in ink pen

When there is a white continuous line down a one way traffic road what does it mean?

It means no changing lane

Within what period should an accident be reported at a police station?

As soon as possible but within 24hours

What is the pedestrian crossing?

A safe crossing provided for safe use of pedestrians

Ntsa driving test questions Part 2 

What are the rules of the model town board?

  1. Use the shortest and the most correct route without using parking
  2. Use the longest and the most correct route without using parking
  3. Use parking if there is no any other route

Green color on the traffic lights means go except?

  1. When there is on coming vehicle from right
  2. When stopped by a police officer

Name four places you cannot stop?

  1. On round about
  2. At the junction
  3. At the center of the road
  4. Where there is no stopping sign

Where should you not overtake?

  1. At the junction
  2. Where there is no overtaking sign
  3. On the round about

Where does the law require you to stop?

  1. At the stop sign
  2. When ordered by the police
  3. When the traffic lights changes to red

When do you use the mirror when driving?

  1. When overtaking
  2. Changing lane
  3. stopping

What distance should you keep between two moving vehicles in town?

You should see the behind wheels or the number plate of the vehicle infront

What is the meaning of the letter EAK found at the outer cover of a driving license?

EAK means East Africa Kenya

How should a driver control himself in an uncontrolled roundabout?

You should make sure there is no oncoming vehicle from the right side of the round about

Write down four don’ts of holding a steering wheel?

  1. Don’t crisscross hands
  2. Don’t hold with only one hand
  3. Don’t grip the steering wheel very firmly
  4. Don’t hold with the elbow

What is the name given to anybody carrying a sign of STOP CHILDREN CROSSING?

School warden

Why do we normally press down the clutch peddle when engaging gear?

To disconnect the gear box from the engine

What must you Not do when being overtaken?

You should not accelerate

When can you overtake from left?

  1. When the vehicle in-front is turning right
  2. When driving on a one way traffic road with more than one lane
  3. When there is an accident on the right and there is space on the left

Ntsa driving test questions part 3 

When do we dim our lights at night?

  1. When meeting on coming vehicle
  2. When meeting a pedestrian
  3. On a well lit area

When should you not hoot?

  1. Near hospital
  2. Near school
  3. Near law court
  4. Where there is NO hooting sign

What time do you switch on light in the evening?

6:30 pm parking lights 6:45pm head light

What do you do before getting out of the vehicle?

Check the side mirror or look over your right shoulder

What are the four important parts to be maintained in a car?

  1. Brakes
  2. Steering wheel
  3. Wheels
  4. Lights

When are you not allowed to park?

  1. At the corner of the road
  2. Where there is no parking sign
  3. At the junction
  4. At the bus stop

What is a caravan?

  • It is a mobile car without engine pulled with an engine car and it can be use for accommodation

What should you do when approaching uncontrolled railway crossing at?

  • Night – stop,dim lights listen if there is no sound,proceed
  • Daytime – stop ,look left and right listen if there is no sound proceed

Which are the four common mistakes made when approaching a round about?

  1. Approaching the roundabout with wrong lane
  2. Changing lanes on the roundabout
  3. Leaving the roundabout the wrong lane
  4. Observing traffic from wrong side

State five ways to keep your vehicle road worthy?

  1. Ensure Your wheels are in a good condition
  2. Ensure all Lights are in a good condition
  3. Steering wheel is in a good condition
  4. Brakes are working
  5. Mirrors are okay

Describe your approach at a pedestrian crossing?

Alert and at a speed of which he can control and stop incase of emergency

How do you hold the steering wheel clockwise?

10 to 2 position and ¼ to 3 position

What do you do if, as crossing by the traffic lights is green then they suddenly change to amber?

You should proceed if you had crossed the stop sign

What is the correct position at the junction when turning?

(a)left : drive at an extreme left

(b)right : drive at an extreme right

What does the green arrow filter on the traffic lights mean?

You should go to the direction shown by the arrows

Which type of vehicles to be taken for inspection?

  1. Pickups/lorries
  2. trailers

Which is the strongest gear on a vehicle and why?

Reverse gear because it has no any other alternative gear

Why should you look right twice when approaching a junction?

Right side its near danger

State how you can overtake another vehicle?

Slow down;

  1. Start indicating right
  2. If its clear you overtake
  3. After overtaking you indicate to the left and keep to  your side

When the traffic lights show green and you are stopped by police officer, who should you obey?

You should obey police because he is under mandatory

What is a hard shoulder way?

It’s a road where bumps are put closely together

What is another name given to a give way sign?

another name for give way sign is yield

What is the different between a street and an avenue?

A street is where building are to be found along Avenue is where vegetation is to be found along

What is the meaning of AMBER which keeps on flushing every now and then in the traffic lights?

Flushing Amber means control yourself

Which mechanical signal should we put on after involved in a road accident in the middle of the road?

  • Hazard light

Which gear should be used to start a loaded lorry and why?

  • Gear number one because it is more strong than number two

Which is the biggest roundabout in East Africa?

  • Globe cinema round about

Why are commercial vehicles taken for inspection?

  • To make sure they are in good condition and road worthy

What is the meaning of MS in driving?

  • Ms means mechanical signal

Why is the headlight of motorbikes on always even during the day time?

When riding a motorbike the head lights should be on for them to be seen by other road users

Which signs are circled?

Mandatory and regulatory

Which signs are triangle?

Warning and hazard or cautionary

Which signs have the apex facing upwards?

Warning signs

Why do we observe regulatory signs?

Because they are signs to be observed

What do we call the two major signs in Kenya?

  • Priority signs

What is the difference between heavy and light commercial vehicles?

Heavy commercial vehicle are those vehicles which are exceeding 3.05 tonnes tire weight and light commercial vehicle have less than that weight


1ong>What is the difference between railway crossing and level crossing?

Railway crossing are those crossing found in the rural areas while level crossing are those crossings found in urban area

What is hazard demarcation?

Hazard demarcation are those reflective plates attached at the edge of the bridge to show then width on the bridge at night

Define term “horn” in a vehicle?

  • It is a instrument used to alert other road users of your presence

What is hooting?

  • It is a sound produced by a horn

There are three ways one should hoot when driving. which ways are these?

  1. Once means warning
  2. Twice means greeting
  3. Several times means abusing

How many times are you supposed to hoot when

  • greeting – twice
  • warning – once
  • abusing – several times

What is the main function of clutch pedal on a vehicle?

  • To connect and disconnect the gear box from the engine

Traffic signs are divided into how many groups?


    1. mandatory
    2. Warning

  1. information

When you intend to turn what distance should you start indicating?

  • You should start indicating at a distance of 50m in advance

What is the difference between turning left and passing left?

When turning left there is a complete change of direction to be made but passing left it is just like to keep left. Is the same as to keep left

What is the difference between a street and an avenue?

  • A street is a road where buildings are found along
  • Avenue is a road where vegetation is found along

What is an ”engine”?

  • Engine is a power generating machine

What is the main purpose of the following documents

  •  Driving license = to allow you to drive on roads within east Africa
  • Insurance certificate = for security purposes
  • Vehicle inspection certificate = to show the road worthiness of a vehicle

What is coasting?

It is driving a vehicle for a long distance only with one gear

What is three point turn in driving?

It is driving a vehicle facing to opposite direction with use of reverse and forward gear

Describe the warning sign?

They are red in color, triangular in shape with apex facing upwards

List down two examples of caravan?

  1. Side car
  2. Mobile toilet/clinic

Write down all the mechanical signals of a saloon car?

  • Headlights, parking lights, brake lights,reverse lights, indicators,number plates light, interior lights and hazards lights

Why must all vehicles be insured?

  • For security purposes

What is the meaning of a PDL?

Provisional driving license

What is the use of speed governors and safety belts?

To maintain a specific speed given on highway according to the vehicle you are driving and to reduce the number of injuries during accidents

Class A signs are subdivided into how many group? name the groups and give at least one example

Three groups which include;

  1. priority signs(stop sign)
  2. compulsory signs(all vehicles must keep left)
  3. regulatory signs(no entry)

As a driver, when you come across river bed crossing explain how do you cross it?

  • One has to know how deep is the river before you cross by dipping the stick in the water

Well folks that Ntsa driving test questions and Answers online 2021.

Source: Kenya yote.com