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Ntsa Upper Hill Office office is the biggest and the NTSA Headquarters in Kenya.The office is the biggest in Kenya and the biggest in the region.This office handles all the NTSA Systems and all the NTSA activities in Nairobi and the Entire country.The Office is located in Upper Hill and other regions in Kenya are usually open from 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. The offices are closed during public holidays and on Sundays.

You can each this office through NTSA Headquarters mobile and Land line number:

  • 0709 932 000
  • 020 6632 000


We have another office in Likoni Road where you can be able to get Mototorvehicle inspection services.

What are Problems that are solved in NTSA Upper hill office?

You may present yourself here if you have the following problems :

    1. Serial Number Problems –  Your ID serial number is not working when you are trying to open your Tims account.You can go with your Original ID for the agents to put it in the system.
    2. KRA PIN Problems – You may be able to visit NTSA upper hill office if you have KRA PIN problems ,maybe you have a new pin and it needs to be put in the System.
    3. Mothers Maiden Name problems  – You may visit Nairobi office if you have problems with mothers name when opening Tims account.They will correct your Mother Name and you will be able to open Tims .
    4. Driving license Biometric Taking – After you apply for a Smart Card  driving license youll need to visit NTSA Nairobi office to get your Bio metrics TAken.

  1. Collection and Submissions of Logbooks – When you transfer a vehicle or buy a vehicle ,you need to transfer it and after finishing you need to go to NTSA office to submit,However ,Its not a must you go to Nairobi office ,you can submit any NTSA office near you.
  2. Colection of PSV Badge – If you are within Nairobi you can go to NTSA NAirobi  to collect your PSV bage after application and payment of E-citizen Fees.

Steve Jonas