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Motorcycle logbook search at Onlinecybercafe.co.ke .We are the Leading Cyber that provide Cyber and NTSA Services Online.Motorcycle logbook search and NTSA Motor Vehicle Search results Instantly in your SMS within Minutes. Faster car details within minutes.We at Onlinecybercafe will help you do a faster  without even opening a TIMS Account.We offer a real time platform that enables you to do NTSA Logbook Search and verification of legal documents in Kenya – such as Motorcycle logbook search  using Kenya Vehicle Number Plates.

Results of the motor vehicle registration check online, are sent directly to your Phone (as SMS ) and the official printable motor vehicle Copy of Records (COR) automatically sent to your e-mail address  provided within minutes, any time and day of the week; fast and reliable done-on-your-behalf alternative to perform a motor vehicle ownership in Kenya.

1.How to Pay for Motorcycle logbook search Online

[Payment is Non- Refundable ,Do Not Underpay or Overpay the Indicated Amount]

1. Go to your M-Pesa menu 
2. Select ‘Lipa na M-PESA’ 
3. Select ‘Buy Goods and Services’ 
4. ‘Enter till number’: 5361747 (Priche Technologies)
5. ‘Enter amount’: Ksh 950 
6. ‘Enter PIN’
7. Confirm by selecting ‘OK’ .
8. Fill the required Motor vehicle details below.

2.Required Details

[We work with Tims.ntsa.go.ke to Help you Get Copy of Records Fast]

We will send you a copy of Logbook search incase your email is NOT working
Your Copy of Motor Vehicle copy of records will be sent to your Email.

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